Areas of Focus

CED AREAS OF FOCUS fall into four general categories; programs are customized to meet each client's unique needs:
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS CED designs leadership development programs and workshops for people mangers at all organizational levels. We provide:
  • Customized Course Designs based on each client organization's unique needs;
    • We conduct focus groups, interviews, organizational climate and employee satisfaction surveys, to identify clients' needs. Our program designs, content and delivery mechanisms reflect our findings, and are thus, truly needs-based;
  • Feedback Intensive Programs that give participants clarity around their potential for success and derailment;
    • Through the use of various assessment tools and feedback mechanisms, attendees learn about their strengths and weakness and how they are being perceived within the organization's culture. We provide the structure needed for each attendee to chart his/her course for further development;
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities that inspire reflection and unlock creativity in problem solving situations;
    • Consistent with adult learning theory which espouses "learning by doing," we offer participants an array of challenging problem solving activities and tasks that mirror the complexities of organizational life as a method for learning and practicing new desired behaviors.
  • Research and Best Practices that are relevant to the contemporary business and organizational environments
Our program designs reflect a balance between: mini-lectures and feedback assessment overviews; group dialogue and debriefs; group problem solving activities and time for individual reflection. We create experiences in which participants explore and discuss their leadership challenges, successes and lessons for the benefit of the group learning.