Areas of Focus

CED AREAS OF FOCUS fall into four general categories; programs are customized to meet each client's unique needs:
TEAM DEVELOPMENT AND TEAM COACHING We know that successful teams build alignment and unity of purpose throughout their membership. High performing teams develop over time when goals and communications are clear among committed team members. At CED, our team development methods are designed to: create clarity of purpose, roles and responsibilities; maximize commitment; and increase efficiency. We offer:
  • Team Diagnostics that provide feedback to the team about its current performance and interpersonal dynamics;
    • Through the use of team performance surveys and interviews with the team's organizational constituents, the Team Coach gathers and analyzes data and presents the findings to the team.
  • Team Coaching to provide the team with opportunities to build alignment and commitment amongst its members;
    • By attending meetings, strategy and brainstorming sessions, the Team Coach regularly observes the group performing its work and gives guidance and ongoing feedback about mission clarity, communication and interpersonal functioning within the team.
    • Team members learn new ways to re-frame and define old problems, build skills in listening and asking effective questions, develop the ability to coach others and strengthen creative thinking techniques.
  • Team Development Programs to strengthen relationships and address chronic conflicts that affect team performance;
    • Our workshop designs are based upon the specific needs of each team to optimize group performance, productivity and profitability;
    • A variety of methods are used to help team members identify for themselves and for others, more efficient ways of accomplishing the team's goals. One example of these methods: video tape the group's involvement in a challenging problem solving activity, and facilitate a group debrief of the tape afterwards to capture what worked and what hindered the problem solving process.
Our methods ensure that the performance level of every team member is enhanced and that the entire team functions as a productive cohesive unit.