Since 1996, Melanie-Anne Taylor has served as President of the Center for Executive Development, an executive development consulting firm specializing in coaching, conflict resolution and strategy building among senior teams. Dr. Taylor has an extensive background in organizational learning, systems thinking, conflict resolution and strategic leadership.

Throughout her career she has been the recipient of several research grants and academic fellowships. She has served on the staffs of several noteworthy Members of Congress, including Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congressman Don Edwards. She has also served on the faculty of the Center for Creative Leadership, the National Leadership Institute, the Hartford Graduate Center and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

At CED, Dr. Taylor specializes in designing large and small-scale leadership development programs that are customized to meet the specific needs of client organizations. She conducts and supervises executive leadership programs worldwide and serves as an executive coach in diverse client organizations. She has provided executive coaching to hundreds of executives, middle managers and teams nationally and internationally from Fortune 500 companies. Her work has taken her to Australia, Europe, Mexico, and across North America. Recent clients include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Maytag International, Queensland Treasury Corporation, Genentech,Inc., GEM City Engineering, Eastern Management Development Center, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Public Radio, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Lockheed Martin, Inc., MERCY Health Care System, Diplomatic Language Services, Western Management Development Center, Defense Contracting Management Agency and the National Security Agency.

Dr. Taylor is experienced in small and large group facilitation. Her area of focus is working with senior executive teams that are developing strategic plans, stimulating innovation, building high performance teams, and managing organizational change in a culturally diverse workforce. She balances these activities with the conduct of action research with long-term clients.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica W.I., Dr. Taylor migrated to the United States and received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Williams College, and Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Virginia.